TSA Body Scanners- An Excellent Example Of Psychological Warfare On The American Public

Just as privacy is denied a prisoner of war for the purposes of ‘brainwashing’ in a prison camp or we TI’s are denied privacy regularly either by abuse of anti terror technologies or in person organized stalking groups, the American public were denied privacy in the same ways and for the exact same purpose: as part of a massive cult mind control operation in this country for the past ten years and beyond.



Why werent these more sensible, less intrusive machines utilized years ago? Its not cost effectiveness, as its seems the new contract for the new machines is just as costly if not more so.

The reason that most makes sense in the context of whats been transpiring in this country for years now is that it was a necessary part of keeping the public humiliated, harassed and psychologically tormented. It was a means of control.

Specifically one must ask why the abusive behaviors and attitudes of male and some female TSA agents wasnt dealt with swiftly when it was revealed that they were regularly being disrespectful and unprofessional regarding the very private images being revealed to them by these devices.

Just as a TI has to deal with people in the general public knowing things about their personal lives they should not know or having to experience that there’s an entire network in this nation as of ten years ago that, under the guise of some anti terror program, people who are obviously NOT trained in police work or investigation are being given the task of doing just that to Targeted citizens. In the case of community watch groups or during Bush truck drivers or yellow school bus drivers-those people, certainly not bona fide agents nor anything up to par, were given the charge of spying and surveillance on just about anybody in society.

And in my experience many of these people behaved in abusive ways but my experience is that of a program thats meant to keep me compartmentalized, silenced, forgetful of memories and switching between alters so I cant accomplish too much at healing or revealing the truth to anyone much less defending myself legally. Funny, the similarities between whats happened to me over these years and the actions of the TSA with the American public.

Trust me when I tell you that they could have replaced these machines a long time ago and they should have dealt with the human ANIMAL behaviors of the TSA workers but they did not. National Security does not include you having to deal with the arrogance of a person in authority. Yet we’ve been brainwashed over these years to accept that it does or to be to afraid to really go against the authorities.

Its all part of the beat down believe me.

Now they are going to try to make you accept all thats happened in the past ten years and start making nice and bonding together. Becuz the forests are disappearing and the radiation levels are growing high…and the oceans are growing quiet. The people who did all this are going to escape the fate they have in store for you so they dont care about any of it. They know they have it set up so they will never have to pay for any of their crimes.

Here is another article concerning  TSA behavioral profiling. The fed is questioning its worth, validity and effectiveness..for all these years its been funded.



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