Baphomet Is The Bastardized Version Of Ancient Irish God

(I dont agree with the Irish origin of all civilization but the section about this ancient god is useful)
“Herne (Cernunnos) – an early Irish god, and Pashupati (Shiva), one of the oldest gods of India. The Irish had traveled to India and were known there as the Arya – the “Noble Ones.” Evidence of the Irish influence in Eastern climes (Egypt, China, and India) has been suppressed.”

“The image of Herne does not bear uncanny similarity to the Templar icon Baphomet for no reason. The icon Baphomet is a version of this more ancient Irish god. The Masons, Templars, Rosicrucians, and other secret fraternities, as well as the Roman Church, are Atonist enclaves responsible for the plagiarization and acquisition of Druidic tropes and mythic elements. Since the Templars did not wish it commonly known that they were new keepers of Druidic lore, the image of Herne was cleverly adapted and modified to conceal its true origins from the curious.”

Yes, the Baphomet so many a celebrity moron seems to be brandishing nowadays due to their advertising their membership in seemingly expensive secret societies, not so secret when you have garish displays as such portraying entities and rituals. They dont have time to do research as they are too busy working for the DISNFO agents and so called secret societies that are now putting out these images to the minds of the public of the western world.

It seems the truly magickal beings are being destroyed in favor of puppets displaying constant symbols in an all out brainwashing campaign to ensure enslavement of the public. All people have to do is honest research and stay away from disinfo. Getting in touch with whats in your own DNA and following the ancestors as well as reviewing honest accounts of history or at least considering alternative ones is a way to avoid deception.

Baphomet seems like a pathetic Christian reactionary version of the ancient god(s) or perhaps just an enslaving one that focuses on worldly power. Really if this were the true version of gods from Indo-European peoples why would the NWO be trying so hard to destroy all European cultures specifically anything existing from the pre-Christian era.

Its obvious that only the CHURCHES and major religions are going to survive the NWO gutting every culture and country.



~ by onmc on November 30, 2013.

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