The Obamas Are Products Of Life Energies Stolen From Others Via Magick Rituals


How do you become as powerful within and without as Obama has?

Ritual magick. Obama had rituals done to give him the powerful persona he and his wife share now thus making him ready and able to handle the presidency of the United States of America.

He has been given life essences or energies as well as Michelle it seems from various ritual abuse victims who continue to be abused in order to still drain these people of such energies to feed his continued rule as well as the feed the power of the nation. These are ritually abused human sacrifices for the USA. Just as all who died in 9-11 were (which was a large sized black magick ritual) as well as the wars and assassinations started during Bush where each human life feeds the beast..or beasts in reality.

America is the kind of place that is not designed to run on its own. It requires blood sacrifices to exist especially as a world empire. There is no other way the United States could exist as a world power for so long-especially in the new globalist society.

The United States is a contrived entitiy, occupying land that belongs to and was already occupied by Native Americans. The USA is simply an entity created by foreign powers that is built to exist as a result of black magick rituals and structures (Masonic buildings and designs, especially placed on specific geographical locations), thus it exists in a state of constant need of power and energy. Not only does that come from commerce and the economy (the ‘flow’ of money) but from blood sacrifices- from the genocides of the original inhabitants to various wars to the continued psychologically enslaved African American populations. Any and all exploited peoples by the USA including those in other locations around the globe.

Looking at photos of Obama and his wife they may have had the potential or the original clay needed to form a power couple but they needed something else- blood to add to that clay. Energy to add to the mix. This is why ritual abuse victims of the power structure are coerced into suicide after thier energies are taken from them- it seals the ritual so that the people who have recieved said (stolen) energies can keep them for life.

There seems to be a balance struck by the Masonic elements in the USA years ago-a system that would take as well as give to its people and the world. We see this in MA and the eastern USA specifically through living around or in Masonic architecture.

Ive noticed that alot of the ‘good’ or balanced and fair Masonic systems, expressed through colonial creations and old Masonic buildings here in MA were knocked down and replaced by ‘evil’ black magick Masonic type architecture. Yes, there is a good and bad to the Luciferian family tree.

In the Boston area alot of the statues and symbols that represented the original forefathers, patriots and colonial art work has been taken down. Entire buildings redone or destroyed as well as entire areas that were obviously structured to create a flow for energy that would benefit its inhabitants and keep order. Harvard Sq is an example of this. Harvard is physically designed to take energy from human inhabitants and flow it into the structure’s build then return energy to its inhabitants. Harvard is an example of balance and order. Such structures protect man from the elements and work WITH nature to create workable energy areas where people can live and flourish.
They would have restructured Harvard Sq by now if they could get away with it so instead they have done other things to destroy much of what the area is supposed to represent.

Using the cell towers to create an invisible, electromagnetic web of sorts to place over and into the physical structure(s) or physical reality is one way of muting or even helping to destroy the ‘good’ Luciferian influences maintained by these structures.

These good places if you will are very beneficial to light workers if you want to call it that. Many people who are born to work for these balanced magickal systems will find that they can even suck up energy from specific areas with certain structures and symbols built by design. These are simply physical structures that amplify the natural energies within or on, that geographical location on the globe.

The bad guys know this- they are also a brotherhood and order of the Luciferian family. Its simply Seth destroying Osiris’s kingdom- the only one he truly fears is Isis. Its the same old story.

The technomancers are winning due to the edge they have due to the ignorance of the public and the presence of these anti human, destructive ENSLAVING technologies.

None of this is…’real’. Its a daily put out of enslavement via psychological warfare, chemical influence and electromagnetic technologies. And alot of black magick which the former three amplify these actions of mere mortal humans.

Often the energy stolen to create people such as Obamas are other bloodline members. It all depends on which side of the brotherhood you by nature represent or work for. Anyone can be harassed enough to turn but it doesnt have to be that way.

All the naive people who are practicing Templar, Masonry membership and Baphomet worship all that are useful idiots who are being fooled with disinformation. Either that or they dont know there are many orders to the Luciferian family tree or they choose the evil one as its easier or they see it as more beneficial to them.

In Boston they have gotten rid of all Native American representations on artwork, Colonial, the American Revolution (unless its in a tourist area) as well as the Irish created representations of the old pagan goddess-expressed through statues of Mother Mary. All destroyed within metro Boston.
(St Elizabeth’s Hospital, Brighton, MA, St Cecilia’s Cathedral in Berkelee College area and a statue in Brookline near a church and various other places.)
These are all expressions of Isis potentially- thus Seth and his human followers destroys what threatens his power most.

A balance between these forces is normal on earth. For the darker forces to be able to destroy all of the hosting sites (energy sites I wrote about) of the light brotherhood as well as all representations of Isis
and any other symbolism representing the Luciferian forces of balance has only been possible through the use of the things I mentioned, to enslave humanity. The use of black magick, amplified through science basically.

We are getting destroyed out here. The public are in their ignorance actually assisting the darker forces in enslaving humanity and destroying the balance of forces on earth.

This is what people mean when they try to get people to understand that there is ‘black magick’ involved in a lot of what is going on with the NWO and people in powerful positions. Like David Icke they never explain it correctly. It comes out sounding too fantastic or like a sci fi movie.

The problem is that in western society magick isn’t supposed to exist. Movies and video games are put out so that common people believe that such things only exist in those creations and not in ‘real life’. Fantastic things or miraculous events are nothing more than what I’ve mentioned. It’s just science that is hidden from the general public and for good reason-all of the Luciferian family can agree that much of humanity are just animals who would abuse such knowledge and run off of their animal ape like natures not their divine ones.

So, don’t deny that there aren’t any light workers out here…but also, leave magick to the professionals. Unless of course you want to join the technomancers and become a fake, modulated magical being. This is why so many Targets sense that perps are weak, lesser, stupider and would not pose any threat to us unless they operated in a large network.
They arent…talented lets say, magickally by nature. They are drones or tentacles of a larger operator. They are pieces on a chess board.

The only thing that the bad guys can do is take energy from those that would oppose them and feed it into those that would serve them, as well as destroy any places where light workers can gain energy to recharge. As they know we will continue to work to return the balance (which to us is not opposing THEM, just working to return the balance which is our instinct. THEY are the one’s with the problem not us. Also, stealing one’s life force as well as destroying one’s body, life and continuing to ritually abuse someone so that you can keep taking from them are actions of war that are going to result in return or like actions of war. These people simply believe they are exempt from a simple alchemy lesson.

They want to take but refuse to acknowledge that they cannot take without being taken from.

They try to put the price owed on other people or confuse the person they stole from or try to destroy the one who’s owed. This is the idea of ‘selling your soul’. In that person’s mind, they have already paid by some fantasy they are going to hell or sold their soul for their actions against others. It doesn’t work that way.
It’s a more scientific system of give and take. What they do is try to ensure the person owed can never collect from them. Obviously, fairness and balance are not what they are into to begin with.

These are nothing more than just animals who have learned to use magick to satisfy their animal natures.

They are completely out of control nowadays and the public simply accepts that this is a ‘new world order’. They dont understand that it’s just ONE system of order via a specific sect or part of a powerful kind of people who have always been on earth.
So they live under Seth if you will, and dont realize that he is a bad ruler, a bad pharaoh who abuses the people and doesn’t follow the rules he is supposed to. (Bush was a bad pharoah and must pay for creating an imbalance.)

This is why America is such a sick, fake place. It isn’t even real to begin with. It’s a creation that’s now been altered by a bad brotherhood and all of its people are prisoners. Anyone who wants the old system of balance and light illumination not Seth’s illumination is going to be driven out or destroyed.

Just keep in mind that without magickal ritual none of whats going on would be possible. And that Masonic, Templar or whatever you want to refer to the Luciferian family as, are not all evil. Enslaving humanity and denying people the truth is ‘evil’. Balancing the naturally occurring ‘evil’ of human’s animal nature’s with good deeds or fair energy trade offs is what one would call ‘good’. Or at least better.

There is no reason that humans should have to die of radiation and pollution on earth. There never was a reason for this and it could have been avoided. The people doing this just want more sacrifices more energy for themselves and those who serve them. Just like the mindless animals they really are.

Just look at this picture of early Obamas next time you feel intimidated or start to get brainwashed into liking the Obamas at all.


They are products of black magick rituals that have stolen life energies from countless people in order for them to succeed in office and serve those who rule at higher levels. I believe with Obama that African voodoo was involved in unison with the Masonic rituals to gain power from bloodliner relatives.


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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.