1992 FBI Report – Satanic Ritual Abuse by Kenneth V. Lanning, Supervisory Special Agent Behavioral Science Unit National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime


What this investigator is not considering is that these crimes are perpetrated by people who exist among international orgnanized crime and secret societies-protected by the elite. The victims are often property of intel agencies or US military etc and are used for multiple purposes in a lifetime, even unbenownst to them.

The perpetrators are themselves often MPD or disassociative so that committing such acts that would destroy normal people’s minds and spirits do not effect them in other parts of thier lives or show through as these actions are compartmentalized.

He is correct that this is the biggest conspiracy in history. Its the main one all religions tell people about-the existence of an ultimate evil force. The problem is that most people are not able to admit that such a thing exists so they write it off as myth or something supernatural-removed from the normal realm of experience. This is especially true nowadays where science is marketed and percieved as a new religion or divine, such as technology is divine in itself and innately good and will cure all of mankind’s ills and problems. 

Why is no one writing out equations for the existence of evil or looking at how science and superior knowledge or abuse of power has historically existed and is totally feasible in any society?  The investigator writes of human nature foiling conspiracies plotted and executed by normal, average people causing such plots to fail. 

The qualities that make these crimes possible are conditions of human nature not admitted to or understood even accepted any longer by the modern world or western society. Magick is something you play in video games not in real life which is actually, if you have experienced what Survivors have in real life, the greatest deception of our modern age.

The only way that people could accept these crimes as really happening is to accept the existence of evil in themselves, humanity and the world around them without being afraid or judgmental. This seems to be almost impossible for your average person in modern westernized society. Which might explain why Americanization is being spread around the globe. 

You dont have to be Christian or religious to accept evil exists in the world and in high places or that large numbers of people in society are actively taking part and when or if you do, paranoia is not necessary. 

There is always a choice. Simply choose what you want to believe in or whats good for you and your family. Some of the participants believe in taking the side of what victims and others deem as ‘evil’. Accept that this is ok for them but not for you and yours then defend and guard yourself accordingly. Its that simple.

Being realistic about these cults, accepting their hidden existence then guarding you and yours against harm is really the only solution that makes sense. This kind of evil force in the world is recorded since the beginning of time. What is the most destructive thing going on nowadays is people somehow being brainwashed to believe that evil no longer exists somehow. This is a major earmark of the New World Order. People become so traumatized by the large scale, non stop actions of the elite perpetrators world wide that they go into denial and believe all is right with the world in order to survive mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Its also human nature to do this if the forces of ‘evil’ are not directly effecting or touching your life or someone close to you. 

The problem now is that these forces are taking over the earth and humanity completely without anyplace for a balance. These crimes written about in this link are merely a testament to the existence of such forces that have been with us all along. People simply do not want to accept that they must live alongside evil in this world or they wish to take part without admitting that is what they are part of in the big picture. 

We are coming into an era where humans are not being left alone for a moment to live their own lives or have privacy. People are being dumbed down in order to make it so they dont see what kind of world is being built around them as well as they are so brainwashed and lacking in positive experiences or richness of human potential that they believe that their quality of life is good when just the opposite is the case.

Another reason that victims claims cannot be verified or dont seem feasible is that druggings and hypnoses are used.  


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