Juvenile From Gitmo Bay Tried By Obama Admin In Military Tribunal


Why is the torture so severe and for so long?

There’s only one logical answer. The military has been experimenting with mind control for so long that THEY MUST KNOW THESE TERRORISTS ARE PROGRAMMED AND COMPARTMENTALIZED.

These are actions of revenge and psych warfare to scare other terrorists in the long term.

They also seem like continued unethical human experimentation as in MK Ultra as well as probably the first phases of behavior modification programs.

These camps came about during a time when satanic ritual abuse ran rampant in the military’s agenda for the war during Bush, post 9-11.

If only all of the war crimes of the military and the private sector from MK Ultra and related projects in cooperation with the CIA were brought before a proper military tribunal..instead of a Mikkey Mouse ‘advisory committee’.

I agree that wartime, military actions are different than those of civilians.
Its the fact that no one seems to understand how big the military industrial complex is and how connected to special interests and corporations. To not even have a suspicion that this was and is being done domestically to people they don’t like, inconvenient people or ritual abuse victims who I they actually believe were born to suffer and die for those involved in ritual abuse.

These actions should cause outrage because of the capacity for such abuse to go on anywhere on anyone, humans being what they are.


~ by onmc on March 28, 2014.

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