Undetectable Mind Control Video – Fritz Springmeier (Full Length)

Its always in question as to if any of us are disinformation agents.  Along  my years of documenting my own experiences and self knowledge of programming as well as research he seems credible.  He even speaks about double agents or disinfo agents so to  me it makes him more credible.

Its difficult because for much of this Ive been kept out of the loop of activism and to this day I still dont know why. I was shooed away from the TI community almost immediately and lately its like Ive been abandoned. Like I did something very wrong or didnt do something I was supposed to by a dead line. Perhaps calling lawyers or whatever. Ive done the best I can all along.

Perhaps no one cares about this info anymore I dont know.   This info is still valid.  From what Ive read of his writings as well as this video he’s very informative.

He was put in prison on what seemed like a frame up.


Frame up or..being targeted they can make people sink to surprising lows in life of deeds or behavior that one would never have done in one’s natural character. Its part of the behavior modification and destroying the person.

I recently have been targeted anew in a hostile way probably due to some changes in administration here in MA or other circumstances I am not aware of. I finally reacted and got arrested for something trivial yet the point is that after years of being targeted how did they get me to finally react like this? Something has intensified or changed. They are trying very hard to get me into jail.

I still stand by my activism and my desire to fully disclose my experiences to the public. Its odd how Im given this idea that activism no longer matters and a time in which my book would have been of interest is over. Ive been discarded its very strange. I have no idea whats going on right now as to make it so the system is so convinced that they have won or they are right.

I feel totally discredited compared to years before. Ive no idea whats going on but this information is still valid. Perhaps they arent programming people like this anymore and they have better methods or more technological methods or the system depends now on outside controls like chemtrails or the tech being used for mass mind control in the outside world. (Mass mind control through chemical influences and technological influences.)


~ by onmc on May 27, 2014.

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