Testament-Illuminati Symbolism In American Metal

I saw this and became happy with the idea of new metal coming out that was decent.

I then listened to the lyrics and they are pretty meaningless. Its not clear as to the meaning.

Some celebrate and some hate…blah blah blah.

Also these guys are Native..so OK. Its said Indians (Natives) make the best metal and many Native Indian peoples love metal.

So why did they choose a very Euro pagan looking symbol on the cover I wondered?


I looked at it closer and I realized its nothing more than a pyramid with a circle or sun symbol over it.


So most new metal DOES suck. America sucks. Its all Illuminati bullshit. Psuedo ancient mystery schools nonsense.


This is why the lyrics hold no true meaning and don’t truly connect to the listener or claim any one opinion or by belief. Its all a deception.


I don’t even think producing any sort of genuine, meaningful work is allowed anymore in the United States.

And they want the whole world to become uniform to this.



~ by onmc on June 18, 2014.

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