Seville Pedo High Profile Pedo Scandal In Britain: False Memory Syndrome Used In USA As Cover And To Discredit Victims The article even says that Recovered Memory Syndrome connected to American daycare scandals was and is used to simply prevent further investigation into these issues. What I missed is that much Satanic content was uncovered with evidence of Seville’s abuses of children. Looking back I see these events around Seville in Britain as amazing and ground breaking. So why didn’t more become of it? Why hasn’t it been linked to events here and the elite in the USA and various other countries? Why was I basically asleep at the wheel when this all came out? I mean I posted about it on OnGangStalking and I linked stories and articles but I just did not view it as doing any good in the big picture at the time. These people are too powerful. Theyve got an age old international network. They have high magick at their disposal and now new technologies along with the military manpower to amplify the range and effect of that magick. The public don’t believe in magick. Psychiatry and science sees to that. Yet mind control is a form of magick and so is psy ops. Religion clouds understanding of magick which is why its kept in the 21st century even though psychiatry and science should have taken it down by now. How can psychiatry discredit magical thinking yet not challenge religious belief? All of these things serve to hide the existence of Satanic networks, orders and belief systems but also the ability for magickal power that exists in every human being. If people would only understand evil is real, its potentially all around us in daily life and its perpetrated by beings that are as human as any of us they could better protect themselves and children could understand what dangers lie out in the world of other humans-not with fear but respect for the damage evil can do. Its unbelievable that citizens can’t fathom or accept an international network like this exists or that they don’t seem to care.


~ by onmc on June 22, 2014.