Russia To Put WiFi Signals Into Underground Transit System/Primitive Peoples Being Used To Destroy NWO Resistant Cultures-A Staple Of Covert Warfare Historically

Moscow metro’s Wi-Fi revolution as city gets wired

 “Moscow (AFP) – Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin built Moscow’s spectacularly beautiful metro as an example to the world, a symbol of “radiant Communist future”.

Now under strongman Vladimir Putin there are plans to make it the most connected in the world, with free, fast Wi-Fi even in the deepest tunnels.

By the end of the year, all lines of the Russian capital’s famous subway system — the world’s second busiest, with some seven million passengers a day — will be connected to broadband Internet.

This is so bad. So incredibly horrific for anyone who is a Targeted Individual or even has ‘electromagnetic sensitivity’ formerly known as ‘microwave sickness’ which sounds alot more plausible…and is worded to blame the unnatural invading technologies into human bodies and societies instead of the former, more modern phrase which blames the human being and makes them appear disordered or flawed somehow by not being able to deal with invading modern technologies in human society.

Its very important to take notice of how people word things. Spin and propaganda are society’s truths not reality or what is right.

Obviously, humans are made for the natural world not one of pollution of any kind which is toxic to us yet all around us now there is a system of labeling people as unfit if they cannot deal with the toxic side effects of man’s modern industrialized, technological society.

Psychiatry does just this in countless ways. That is its purpose, other than covering up for Ritual Abuse and classified, ‘black’ budget projects that are unethical as well as politically fueled abuses of power on citizens.

Spain and France have both acknowledged ‘electromagnetic sensitivity’. Spain has granted a professor disability due to his electromagnetic sensitivity making him unable to work and function normally.
People in France are forming WiFi free villages for ‘WiFi refugees’ as they are now known:  Why is Russia then doing this if they are the foremost anti NWO country and culture? Many NWO resistors thought Russia was the hope and light in the NWO due to Putin seeming to not want to cave in to obvious moves to create a slave society like mass immigration of violent peoples who dont want to assimilate and the destruction of traditional values which is all being used by elite to fool people into believing in a New World Order but in reality they are simply destroying established cultures that have evolved over time to peace, financial sanity, support for the arts and environmental awareness.

Muslims are taking over Europe so Putin is fighting back by using Christian values as a way to ensure the invaders dont take over.
Unfortunately, homosexuality is used by the people behind the NWO agenda as it is tied to feminism and civil rights or issues of peoples of color-all of which are being used to fool the western world into a fool’s paradise.
I personally have no problems with homosexuality. Perps have actually sent trannys and gay people to see where my sensitivities  lie and I actually got the impression they thought I was wonderful because I accepted gay people and LBGT people. The misconception is that being gay is something new or something out of order with Nature. Its not new, its always been and its natural. [Pushing a gay agenda and trying to convert people isnt natural and is just as bad as religious types]. Unless the person is living out a damaged childhood then its perhaps unhealthy-that’s for them to figure out. The only problem I have experienced is when trannys [men living as women who have not had sex change surgery] are allowed into women’s shelters and naturally take over the position of most dominant female in the hierarchy, thus not allowing women to form natural groups away from any male interference or influence in the outside world, mostly built and run by males. This is where I would probably run into adversity from this population and its supporters but it becomes a women vs. LBGT conflict which I notice isn’t allowed to exist.
Feminism doesnt allow women to counter race issues or LBGT issues that may be in conflict with our interests. Which is why feminism is suspect as hell and is being used by the powers that be to bring on world wide enslavement of humanity. Why must we always be put in a position of babysitting, caring for, fostering and accepting everyone to our own detriment? )

Many of us want to believe Russia simply wont give into this and partially its due to eastern Europeans and Russians being very much a people who dont like outsiders by nature. There is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is someone telling you that you must accept people into your comfort zone that you dont want to share it with or better yet your ancestral lands?

However I think most of us have realized that if Putin were indeed truly against the NWO he would not be the leader of any country in the world. He’d be targeted, discredited and run out of town.

I am not educated about politics but this all might be because Russia, China and India are trying to create their own banking system and economy to rival the west. Thus they seem to be leaning more conservative as western Europe and America are slowly destroyed under the insanity of Political Correctness, Diversity, Equality and basically dumbing down society so that only those who can afford it have quality of life.

The best answer is because the NWO and its resistance does not seem to include awareness about the use of a system of mass mind control. If it did, it would lose many of its brainwashed supporters. People would realize it’s a deception. If world peace is such a great idea through such means then why must brutality, torture, targeting people who know too much and mind control needed to accomplish that goal?

Every Targeted Individual especially Survivors- what I refer to as people who have gotten out of internal programming systems especially high level programming, due to being in classified projects like MK Ultra, inter-generational ‘Satanic’ families or blood liners etc. Many people who’s family have a military connection to these projects unfortunately have been involved in unethical human experimentation which may include micro chipping albeit very early versions of it.

We know better than anyone else the dangers of man made electromagnetic fields invading the natural world even denying us the energy provided by naturally occurring fields. We also know that everything from torture to mind control through hypnosis is possible via technologies that exist. (It does seem to be a three part system where human forces doing psy ops as well as a chemical component like chem trails or other delivery systems has to be present in order for the system to work effectively).

Underground is one of the few places that TIs get relief from what has been dubbed ‘electronic harassment’ for lack of a better term..or legal terms.

Microwave towers and cell towers (same bandwidth) exist above ground because they cannot penetrate underground. Many Targets report relief from their campaigns in places like hospitals, govt buildings, underground areas like building basements or the subways.

When you look at who was evolving in the area of electromagnetic pollution (Europe) and then look at who has had their countries over the last ten years flooded with immigrants to the point where their evolved societies are now totally preoccupied with basically civil wars (which many are not allowed to talk about. They have no weapons and their freedom of speech is not secured as America’s is for the most part. People are being jailed for being ‘racist’ or even talking about systematic rape crime waves in their countries.)

Obviously, the NWO needed major diversions in societies where cultures were very evolved with environmental issues as well as social and financial ones. Perhaps Russia due to its past in being a culture of spying, mistrust and coercion to begin with as well as criminal organizations and former KGB taking over the country and opening up to Capitalism is more primed to quietly take on the NWO programs of mass mind control.    While looking as if they are fighting the destruction of cultures experienced by Europe.

It makes no sense to flood a tiny island like Ireland with immigrants. Its obviously being done as part of a grand plan to enslave humanity. Why else wouldnt people have a right to their own land, their own culture and better yet, why do the immigrants countries of origin continue to stay in such bad condition? Aid to Africa seems to be never ending. Its a money pit especially Christian organizations who dont insist on birth control and make more starving children thus never have to worry about being out of business.

Americans dont know much about Africa. Africa is marketed to them as representing the countries that African Americans ancestors come from. Its a big continent. Africa actually has some of the world’s wealthiest countries.

And many African peoples look very different from sub Saharan African peoples. This is probably due to using slavery to justify destroying American and European countries with mass immigration. In the USA they wouldn’t dare try this because no one here one a large scale will put up with Muslims having no whites allowed areas and African-Americans would counter African immigrants trying to take over before anyone else to begin with. In America Obama is going to use Mexicans. 
Which personally I dont think are as bad culturally as the other two I just mentioned the problem is that a large percentage of Mexicans are a long time part of the American system here and are fully indoctrinated now through gangs, into cooperation with the military as well as elite and govt funded drug dealing, money laundering, trafficking, white slavery etc. As a TI Ive seen way to much evidence of this at the American border cities. They do just what the black gangs are doing in areas like Cambridge MA-they get normal jobs but are in gangs working for the elite and their cronies probably not knowing that is who their true employers are..or perhaps they do. Its the American public that dont suspect they are even in gangs or that street gangs are simply the invention of the elite (Iran Contra, crack, CIA etc).

I and I doubt Europeans know much about Africa either. Well, now Europe is getting a first hand experience. At least clever countries like Switzerland who refused to join the EU, are keeping the immigrants in camps outside their small towns and being realistic about their rape crime waves and setting up drug businesses the minute they get into town. This is the same country that voted George Bush a war criminal (and Malaysia )  Could be they paid for it recently as the oldest bank in their Swiss banking system, the ‘Swiss bank accounts’ so popular in movies about very smart white collar criminals and investors-just got busted for doing what they had been doing for decades. Gee, all of a sudden its a problem? Just like that huh?

The NWO busts anyone on anything, even if it was beneficial to them prior or if its been going on for a long time without any problems as a way of punishing whoever will not go along with this system-that includes individuals as well. Anything you do, have done or say will be used to destroy you once its obvious you are going to be a problem even if there was never issue with anything before.                                                                                                    Europeans have talked about being scared and intimated into allowing their cultures to be ruined and women to be raped (just like in war). They explain ‘there will be trouble’ if they dont comply.

I read something today that made it very obvious that British intelligence is an old hand at using lower, primitive cultures to destroy evolved ones. Gandhi is being written about as a racist nowadays when he simply complained that his country was being dragged down to their levels and he sighted truths about the cultural differences between primitive Africans and India. (piece from opinionated blogger):
British intelligence was not pleased with him nor the rebellion in India against colonial rule from Britain. The UK is now the most surveilled  society on earth. Seems the motto that the sun will never set on England is true. They’ve learned from Rome a valuable lesson-reinvent yourself and turn your rule into something sneaky that people cannot detect. Gandhi complained of people from primitive cultures being used to destroy his society whos cultures had evolved over thousands of years. Same is being done in Europe.

British intelligence is a major pain in the ass as much as Mossad or the CIA is to anyone targeted.

As I said, most modern people in western society dont know much about Africa and what they do know is heavily romanticized-another sign of massive cult mind control in use on the populous generally.

Romanticizing backwards, violent, sexist (female genital mutilation), perverse (bestiality, child rape) cultures and looking towards Russia for freedom???!! When people think inversely, they have been traumatized and brainwashed.  It has always been a novel thing to want to help people, assist people to evolve and to become friendly with foreign cultures but its not necessary to destroy your own and yourself. That is what the NWO is asking. Its a diversion to the system destroying civilization and the free world.

So, right now its a very deceptive, dark world reality we live in. Trusting Russia after all its history we know of, to be fair much of it propaganda but Ive talked to Russians.

Two Russians on a train in the 80’s told me that the difference between America and their country is that they read between the lines in the news knowing that they are being deceived and lied to. Americans believe whatever they are told. From that moment on, I paid a bit more attention to what I was reading.

People are looking for a way out. A light. The fact we are willing to look to Russia considering their history is a sign that we are in deep trouble. It simply feels like more brainwashing, more cult mind control.

Which may or may not be a constant now on the trains in Russia everywhere you travel soon enough.

Wifi opens up streams for such content to be put out on.

Cell phones are pretty bad, cell towers and repeaters are awful especially in a building with them on the roof. Satellite television is horrible and the combination of that plus a Cisco systems (military contractor) wifi router creates nothing less than one of the worst torture chambers in a building, consistently, I have ever experienced in my lifetime.

But wifi seems to open up the environment to changes that certainly do not benefit anyone who is predisposed to microwave sickness or is a Targeted Individual and underground is one of the only places where relief is gotten by such people.


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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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