When Considering Mass And Individual Mind Control-The ‘Ridiculous’ DHS Terrorist List Might Not Be So Ridiculous


An 18-year veteran in law enforcement warned to beware of Homeland Security training that is being pushed to local law enforcement. James Wesley Rawles recently posted on AxXiom for Liberty some very disturbing trends in law enforcement training. He reports a shift in focus in the last 18 years from local community to a “federally dominated model of complete social control” coming out of, not surprisingly, Homeland Security. More specifically, the long-reaching DHS arms of TSA and FEMA have been pushed heavily in the last two years to local law enforcement.

ACLU’s Policy Counsel on National Security, Immigration and Privacy, Mike German, has said as much: “The most disturbing thing we’ve uncovered is the scope of domestic intelligence activities taking place today. Domestic spying is now being done by a host of federal agencies (FBI, DOD, DHS, DNI) as well as state and local law enforcement and even private companies. Too often this spying targets political activity and religious practices. We’ve documented intelligence activities targeting or obstructing First Amendment-protected activity in 33 states and DC.”

This all might be true but theres the issue of mass mind control and the reality of people who are or were under mind control-from programs and projects like MK Ultra.

“People engaged in the above activities or mind-set may be considered “extremists” or “militia groups” that exist in our communities and are “hiding in plain sight, ready to attack.“”

If you consider the fact that there are people who are able to be manipulated and set off or triggered so they may snap or even slowly turned to violent actions by ongoing harassment, manipulation and mind control what sounds like paranoia isnt so far fetched after all.

Whats questionable is how much of the paranoia as well as suspicion causing persecution of such people in itself might contribute to the triggering of such individuals.

Not admitting to or informing the public about such things as mind control projects, ritual abuse etc makes it so that people and circumstances can continue to be manipulated.


~ by onmc on December 12, 2014.

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