Reading Behavior and Training Books For Animals Is Very Useful To Targeted Survivors and Experimentees

The Cat Behavior Answer Book by Arden Moore

This book has turned out to be quite useful.

Its suggested to read books or sites on animal training. You can see plainly that scientists and psychologists are quite aware of information needed to behavior modify humans just by reading such things.

I often envision these manuals being written about humans and imagine if such straight forward instructions on how to change behavior would be written for public consumption.

Of course it would never be. In the bookstore thinking this i then lifted my head and realized companies would not have means to con all these people into buying these books or anything else for that matter.
That the behavioral psychology that goes into 'gang stalking' campaigns especially connected to MK Ultra like projects is an extreme form or an extension of the plain outright control and manipulation of humans in our society on a daily basis.

Imagine notes or a manual somewhere for the psych pros who design tactics and entire campaigns on Targets. They may be as matter of factly in how we as human subjects should be handled.

These books on pets or animals who served in police or military that are for the purpose of modifying the animal's behavior to suit human need do not give the animals any consideration such as how they shouldn't have been domesticated to begin with and have a right be be in the wild.

Freedom and liberty or a right to exist are only for humans. Yet by the ways we perceive and treat nature and its creatures reflects our true nature and intentions as animals who still retain many animalistic traits in our facade of being 'human', something above the natural world.

This is why human rights are not respected and if its deemed necessary or convenient humans are denied their rights. Usually these transgressions that arent supposed to exist are covered up, lied about and denied and the public complies for various motivations.

I'm beginning to see that being human is a self deception. Its a fantasy, the claims we make the world we create.

Many TIs are experimentees or Survivors who have been monitored and in programs for life. Intergenerational MK Ultra is one example.

We are often treated like former police dogs that are now to be designated as pets or lap dogs after 're-education' into society.

Their methods are strikingly similar in handling deprogramming mc assets or experimentees as dealing with animals.

Any book written from a perspective so removed from being human about controlling and modifying human behavior as are written about pets and other animals would be considered pure gold by people wanting to dominate society-other humans.

So basically we live in zoos, kept by people who know best what we need to be happy and live without distraction.

Only when someone takes away the freedom you were supposed to have do you realize you never had it to begin with.

One question by a reader asks about his cats behavior while he is on long business trips and when scolded, does his cat feel guilt?

The author states research has shown that guilt is only experienced by humans. No other species in nature.
And do they ever manipulate us with this.

Knowing this is very revealing also. The need to fit in, be accepted, befriend people its all used against us so we will respond a certain way or die from isolation or become demented and evil from losing our humanity.

You begin to wonder if a sense of humanity is real or just something in human animals thats there to make it so we get along and look out or sympathize with each other.

Gang stalking programs seek to transform people into creatures who no longer sympathize with humanity.


~ by onmc on December 21, 2014.