Major Programming Sites (Cant Verify Sources)

Dont know how accurate this is but from my experiences and travels some sounds plausible, probable and possible.

Again the Southwest including TX is full of strange occurrences and conservative and religious  Americans who will sacrifice or destroy anyone to support the military industrial complex and America’s ‘special interests’  worldwide.

Liberal elitist areas are just as bad.

The whole country is now saturated with gang stalkers. Americans are insulated, selfish greedy chilish people who refuse to see what their corporations and government do to exploit the rest of the world as well as American citizens.

The United States is just plain evil. Ive learned that. And freedom of speech and right to bare arms is useless when mind control and psychological operations prevent people from utilizing them or having necessary resources.

Mind control is being marketed to a people who have been traumatized into denial on purpose. They will refuse to see the sinister use of advanced technologies. In fact I predict they wont even know or understand they are enslaved by the time it happpens.

It’s already happened with mass mind control. And they cant tell the difference. Anyone who can is targeted and destroyed, discredited and labeled insane.


~ by onmc on April 3, 2015.

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