Mind Control Tech @ Stoplights At Intersections/True Motive Mind Scan Now In Official Vehicles (state capitols?)

I had recently posted about creepy feeling of being watched and even interfaced with at stoplights at the corner of Lamar and Barton Springs in southern part of Austin. Its a popular spot for counter culture people.

Recently over three nights time city workers (who were normal people and very nice not perps) cut up three of the four street intersection. Wires underground and some vile smelling powder that covered the pretty rosebush in McDonald’s parking lot the next morning.

Now at the intersection I find myself becoming agitated far too quickly. Ive already lost it twice there. Even though articulate rants at the public are as such and carefully crafted they still just look like crazy ranting.
Even signs meant to make people think are not well recieved if done in anger. (“Time to pay karma for those drone strikes” made the gang stalkers stop their activity immediately. It was pretty great.)

The first night after the road was scarred from the city workers cuts it seemed I was being hit with something that made me feel very agitated as opposed to the effect before the construction which I had posted was a feeling of being observed through the surveillance cameras at the corner. Before I would get this idea that my behavior was simply amusing to whoever was watching.

After posting that the city workers came and then it turned nasty at that corner.

Its obviously being used to manage the houseless population there and that means targeted people within this population.

Someone told me recently that neighborhood was taken over by people from Berkeley CA with money decades ago. That means UC Berkeley and all that comes from Liberal elite academics and institutions involved in MK Ultra.
These were places that LSD was marketed as a driving force behind the supposed revolution.
LSD is an intregal part of MK Ultra brainwashing and basically reshaping of peoples minds.

I started to take note of other stop lights around Austin especially downtown.

One set of lights was off. The lights were covered and taped. THERE WAS NO INFLUENCE AT THIS STOP AS EVERY OTHER. There also wasnt a camera.

So this strategy at stop lights are the same game Ive posted in past about Central Sq, Cambridge MA where cameras on buildings seemed to be used in unison with cell repeaters and other microwave bandwidth equipment on low rise buildings in the same area. Observe-Cause Action.

Cause disturbance then document it as if a person is suspicious or seems crazy etc just randomly or like its not from influence from technology (and chemical influence and organized psychological harassment).

Watch out for stop lights especially with cameras. Whatever causes reactions is in all probability UNDER THE GROUND of the street.

Tech seemingly coming from vehicles:
This seems sensible for important cities to use under the cover of anti terrorism. Possibly classified levels.

Like Boston this capitol city seems to have vehicles with microwave capabilities. Yet unlike Boston instead of using it to harass torture or harm exclusively (this kind of capability in Boston seemed to come only from marked police vehicles a few years ago and it was used to intimidate and behavior modify.)

This capability seems to hold the same ability to read the most inner thoughts of a person’s mind as in true motives exactly like a structure I passed through in Nevada in 2006 when entering NV on the state border on a Greyhound bus.

They’ve come a long way from having it be a highway toll type structure one has to pass through to scan the mind. Now that can scan a person by passing them in a vehicle…but its just as intrusive into the brain and mind and the passing car version of this probable technology actually hurts the most mentally as it ‘rips’ through when passing.

Microwave weapons are nasty to deal with. The public seem to have no idea just what cabibilities and resources militarized authorities now have.


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