Die Antwoord’s Multi Layered Psychological Operation


There are all kinds of lovely pictures on the net. Them hugging Jack Black.
Tons of flashing Horn Sign.
Atypical stylized ‘evil’ occult images (which at this point are like cookie cut outs in the entertainment world).

People in Berkeley were raving about them a few years ago. I just saw more white people doing rap music.
I also was creeped out by one of their vids as it appeared a bit pedo.

Liberal leftist whites LOVE this band as they feel superior in thier perception that only they can see that Die Antwoord is breaking down racial stereotypes. They are pleased by the vid where she keeps mixing racial characteristics. Again the Liberal Leftist warcry is ‘race doesnt exist…or matter!’. (Tell that to the Afrikan white farmers being murdered, brutalized, raped so Africans can take back the land. Theres no emergency immigration status for them and the US should be conducting emergency rescue and taking those people in..NOW.)

All i see is another act that promotes NWO ideals as well as Illuminati or fad Satanism.
While getting young whites to hate themselves and contribute to destroying society…and even offend African peoples. (Read link).

Like other acts nowadays its rap and five million costume changes (GaGa). Without videos I dont know if anyone..even top people, would make it nowadays.

Venom was interesting. AC/DC great. Satanism has never been so incredibly boring as today.
Dull mindedness not producing energy or taking it in. Most music now is JUST hooks, hypnotic rythms and mind tricks, akin to stairways and halls that lead to nowhere.

Cheapening whites and making blacks seem expensive is also the standard programming.

Any kind of chaos is good to destroy and rebuild.

Btw the lead singer looks like a great gang stalking perp candidate. He can take on so many looks..like a different guy. Portraying deception which is what gang stalking is about.


~ by onmc on June 7, 2015.

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