Video Game Ingress Parellels NWO And The Resistance

Have an acquaintance who is addicted to this. He cant grasp GS or so he claims (hes most likely involved and he has seemed controlled by African American agents and culture and claims to have been in a gang prior as well as has cultish tendencies..but hes likable. Consorting with enemy forces or lackeys working in their interest is common in these real life games)

 As Ive pointed out before video games often reflect what goes on in real life and actually trap people into the mentality that spiritual battles or good and evil power struggles including magick dont actually happen in real life.

Ingriss is frighteningly like gang stalking and NWO resistance. However its not going to be the END of mankind its going to be the enslavement of it.


~ by onmc on July 25, 2015.

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