RESIDENT EVIL: RETROBUTION-Movie May Be Useful To Survivors

If you have similar programming to other Survivors that consists of Templar content in any percentage or section then this movie may be useful to you.

It could be triggering or make you feel unpleasant so always use caution as usual. Turn it off, put it out of mind or cover your face and go ‘someplace else’ thats safe.

This tactic is actually a part of programming, to protect you from destructive content.

Knight or Templar programming is high level programming. The contents of the inner world(s) is usually castles, towers, guards.

Survivors containing this programming often have it in a section proportional to other programming. Like dual boot programming in the IT computer world, the sections may not be aware of each other.

Read the SMART link for more info on this kind of programming.

The system of harassing Survivors known as gang stalking will attempt to break down Survivors by forcing the sections to become aware of each other. A form of forced integration such as is done to people who have MPD.

This can be prevented and its your birthright to exist and preserve your power and defend your internal systems.

Beware of harmful content sublimated into the movie as you usually would.

The most interesting bit is you may catch the Umbrella corporations name in red letters quickly reading as ‘Raytheon’ for a split milisecond.
(Update Nov 1: Raytheon until 2012 provided polar contracting to support researchers in Antarctica. LMCO won the new contract.
They seem to do Arctic monitoring of territories as a service.

Whether this is a true link to the real world or outer reality is debatable in the context of the storyline.

Raytheon as many DARPA contractors are involved in MK Ultra and super man projects it seems.

The perps certainly do seem like a legion of vampires out in the world don’t they?


~ by onmc on October 29, 2015.

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