GEICO Ads Possible Media Psy Ops or Subliminals

GEICO=Govt Employees Insurance Company.
They have a gecko which is a lizard as their spokesman mascot.

They recently stated they were proud to have insured the US military all along.

And theyve been messing with people for years. Theyre notorius in the world of TIs and many of us have had issues with not only the ad content but perps overtly using their content in real life situations for harassment.

(Perp driving small car with large GEICO ad on it and lizard is prominently displayed, coming up right next to you as you cross street, looking at you like ‘here we are! Look at this!’

During Bush:
Perps saying “I dont believe you!!” in a controlling, dismissive way when you tell them what the letters stand for.

Perps putting paper copies of GEICO ad materials in your path. You see them do this.)

Details of ad and when aired.

This was very annoying to me. It was put on a YouTube vid I was viewing for my blog while on my account.
If it was meant to be a media psy op or subliminal tailored towards say myself and maybe other Targets.

It translates that Im a coward for not taking on the oppressive forces who have ruined my life directly or legally. Instead Ive focused on my life as a Traveler.

The chicken looks out of place and really stupid the way it moves.

An African American male truck driver of course is going to annoy me.

All I do is “keep sending pictures”. Seemingly to people back home who seem hostile to me and dont really care….but all along I guess I should have been standing up to the oppressors.

Notice the farm they are on is sprawling with chickens. Kind of messy.
Like my hometown? Whaaa?

Here is another ad that looks as if its tailored for a certain targeted person, not myself but the way it is made seems like a media psy op.

Its about a scape-goat.
It would suit someone who works in that kind of job and the scream noises seem very odd and probably specific to some TI out there. Even the tone may be tailored to effect that person or few people psychologically. To me it just seems like a dumb ad.

Note the peanut butter they are producing at the factor is presented to get noticed by the viewer.

This is why giving up TV and new movies is best however checking out new things in safe settings and not using TV for any long period seems to work for me.


~ by onmc on November 1, 2015.

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