Alleged Survivor Sarah Stanga-Hmmmm..

Some believe Stanga is disinfo.

Her real name is supposedly Swerdlow.
That shes the brother of Stewart Swerdlow born NYC 1946.
Which seems unlikely. So where are they getting that from?

I love how she looks like just like me…well before I aged in past few years.


Well of course she isnt allowed into the USA. There cant be TWO of us here now can there be? Lol.

Theres a Super Soldier conference in Frisco? Why would you go to something like that? Its shooting fish in a barrel for perps! It might be fun to go there and film or mess with perp typess. Agents, potential handlers and the low life criminal opportunists who honestly leak the most info…becuz they are just screwed up people not screwed up and screwing up others as a profession as the aforementioned.

Love the Templar get ups. Uh if you have Rosi Crux/Templar/monk programming why would you need costumes? Wouldnt internal alters be enough?

Is this akin to a body double? Its amazing how these people get interviews and speaking engagements, book deals and even PLACES TO LIVE and have computers to do activism on. I have been a houseless Traveler since 2006. I cant trust anyone and will get harassed mercilessly if I get housed.

Then again I have the dangerous pedigree.

I want revenge for my parents and all the other victims Ive been friends with all my life. (We are usually attracted to each other and find each others albeit difficult company-comforting).

This is what a genuine Survivors history looks like. And life is far from glamorous. Just ask Paul Bonnacci victim of elite US pedo networks who testified in court.

It also seems like she involves herself in too many flame wars.

WHY do people feed into these? From day 1 I always saw this as TIME WASTING and RESOURCE DRAIN tactics from the perps and ‘gang stalking’ system.

I dont know what to think but Im certainly amused.

Sigh…Im gonna go listen to some black metal now. Then maybe Bread or Jimmy Martin. Its all about having normal lives outside this situation.

The perps do try to stress you out every day to get you to switch into the reality that you are a Targeted Survivor. To destroy you slowly.

Its a better idea to work on getting legal council not wasting time on bs.


~ by onmc on November 21, 2015.