Possible Targeting Of Individuals or Population To Cause Suicide Or Violent Death Involving MBTA Trains Last Few Days



This happened on the 10th of December-yesterday. The other incidents occurred the day before the 9th and 8th respectively.


I was on a train going towards where the runaway train was heading towards. They told us to get off quickly at JFK Station which is where the trains split off to go to either Braintree or Ashmont stations south of Boston.

Whats so strange about this is that I had been very ill and went to the doctor who gave me a shot to quickly get medicine into me. I had been worn down as its been very hard here since the new administration took over and Ive posted about that on the ONGANGSTALKING Blogspot space.

I was more sick than I realized and right around the time of these deaths on the tracks listed above I began to feel suicidal and kept looking at the tracks and thought of jumping. A few other times I thought of just walking along the tracks for unknown reasons. RIGHT AT THE SAME TIME FRAME as these accidents.

There was also something odd that occured the morning of the runaway train. The cops had woken us up at our sleep spot like 530am so I got on train. Was tired hadnt gone to doctore yet. Sick.

Made sure I was neatly snuggled in one seat with a covering. Pack in space next.to me. Last seat in back.of trains has spaces next to them.

I was half conscious and because sick energy running lower side. I recall feeling watched. Then hatred shot towards me from onlookers. Then actual hits from tech or psychic warriors? Because my energy was so low I could sense the hits clearly.

Then I recall my mind was wandering in this weird area it does sometimes when Im half conscious like Im hearing a radio show but its bullshit I cant fully make out. I just consider it junk in the consciousness of a person who hasn’t slept. Yer trying to dream perhaps.

But it was as if I was scanned by whoever was watching me on the train and they were eiher pissed I was in this brainwave state or concerned somehow.

Then we got ordered off the train due to the runaway train coming out of Braintree.

That was more worrisome to me than any of the other stuff. Wtf was going on?


~ by onmc on December 11, 2015.

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