Foreshadowing Of My Being Falsely Accused Of Domestic Terrorism In Ads On MBTA Trains Locally?!

This ad for UMass I had been noticing and I think I noticed it consciously after the being questioned searched and the precautionry tresspass from all Harvard property.


Reality is sideways. Askew.


Note the male on the right. Dark hair like me and resembles my ex from this area..sort of. But mostly he resembles the former SUBWAY sandwhich spokesman who recently got in trouble for soliciting underage females for sexual activity which i did a post about.jared-fogle-subway

These ads are in the subway on a train.


Note the symbol his hand is forming. A gun or pistol. Also his wrist bones resemble mine. Even the skin tone. I guess Im supposed to feel like Im perceived as overweight and geeky…and uglyish.


And note the posturing is that hes trying to be inquusitive, clever and smart but the gun indicates hes just a violent frustrated dummy.

Remember that Whitey Bulgers brother was head of UMass for years and I only recently learned of my family’s connections to this elememt.


This worried hipster yuppie type of male is looking on  with a similar gun shape to the hands.

The models might also represent factions of perps like the blonde older lady in green could rep the established Irish element here which would include much union workers.

The male looking on may represent the many perps who are just students or work a day YUPpies on trains and public spaces. Looking on hiding one’s face while in full knowledge of whats being done to the person. Even orchestrating it.




The Garment District has made psy ops ads for a few years now and I have yet to get around to posting these examples. It was always more general propaganda type content. Nothing so direct or specific.



Another gun symbolism.

And heres another ad from them that’s recent:


Didn’t notice it at first but the model in the carriage is posing in a posture that looks like a now common gesturing tactic done by perps for psychological warfare purposes. Its one of the gestures that’s an offshoot of the Wallet Tap I was originally anchored to and that had evolved into people grabbing their entire buttocks in some parts of the country or their crotches. Places like Austin TX and the Midwest have no problem being that offensive but because Boston is so concerned with keeping up appearances and there’s alot of oversight here, crowds of smart well to do people who care about social justice etc those gestures would NOT be acceptable here. People have to be very smooth and careful in this location. It HAS to look like random movements.


Many perps here now pull one side of the front of their jackets or both sides.  Ive noticed that getting right in front of me and pulling down their shirts or coats as if merely straightening it is tactical. THIS IS ALWAYS ACCOMPANIED BY A hair swipe or wallet tap or both..just to let me know it IS tactical and not random.

The entire picture can be taken another way also. The model in the carriage is scruffy. More lower class looking than the other three. The other three basically look like the demographics taking over and occupying this area now. The black white and red wearing Liberal who is on the side of the leftist elites. The Hipster with his clean cut irony. The mixed race female.

All looking towards the future, moving ahead moving forward…and taking out the trash so to speak- the old skool scruffy not good enough lower middle class sort of people.

There are other ads Ive photographed but they are more generalized psych terrorizing of the public not tailored to me as a Target.

I assume these ads are all to try to isolate me further. It also may have been designed to attempt to have me internalize the constant hatred and marginalization I get from the public daily.

This is the common danger of media. Light and sound images can be akin to Trojan horses because they reach into the mind like dreams into places where everyday reality cannot go.





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