Radio White Noise Seems To Counter Tech In Train Station-Perhaps Applicable Elsewhere

Ive only tried this in an MBTA train station where I always experience the effects of what I deduce is technology. It could be V2K or silent sound whatevers out there that fits the description.

I ALWAYS suffer from forced speech in this train station which is connected to a major Ivy League Eastern establishment university.

Unlike other stations find myself unable to be silent. Im agitated and the constant flow of psychological harassment by in person stalkers is part of the overall cocktail to get a Target to act out in this specific location.

I have resorted to white noise off my radio I recently acquired, a component on a cheap mp3 player.

If you go into a train station underground radio reception ceases for the most part. On the train channels may come in and out most often returning when stopping at a station.

This station is levels underground but with doors open to the outside above.

No stations come in.  I was tired, drowsy. I noticed that the white noise from the now out station had the effect of not only stopping the unpleasantness of the tech reaching into the mind but somehow seemed to make it more obvious I was being ‘hit’ with something repeatedly in intervals though this was more noticabe once I laid down to rest for a few moments.

Putting the radio on a blank channel might be best lest the active channel’s reception returns.

You can even put it very low so you can still hear others speak etc.

How it works-?

But it works.  Best of luck.

I have not tried this in above ground outside or inside spaces nor where theres radio reception of channels.

This is also because I do not find the effects of what is most probably tech to be as out of my control as in that specific train station.



~ by onmc on January 21, 2016.

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