David Bowie 1975 Grammy Awards: Is John Lennon Doing Tactical Gesturing In A Cutaway Of He And Yoko?

Notice its when Bowie says “Love” probably becuz they had done the Give Peace A Chance song and I think dedicated their wedding to peace and this whole schtick they were doing at the time.

@ 1:48-

Monty Python once made fun of Lennon by doing an impression of him where he says hes giving his money to make war so there can be peace. Lennon contributed to the IRA (Irish independence militants) supposedly and Python are Brits.

So if Lennon was capable of that as well as being with the vengeful and controlling Yoko who was bitter about being kept out of the NY art IN crowd scene then he may have been involved in organized stalking and harassment on behalf of a New World Order or other rationale.

And the camera makes sure Lennon’s hair pulling and stroking is on cue as well as timed perfectly. Its awkward and seems unatural.

I feel as if Bowie had been victimized by this system. Theres some interviews where the host is outright nasty and messing with him-smirks and all. Its totally fucked. He seemed very drugged out and out of it in this vid during this time frame. Ive always suspected this even years ago-that he was…lets say targeted also.

As Ive posted-with examples, Ive noted that the two gestures Ive been SENSITIZED TO appear in movies and other media that was released long before my campaign became 24-7 and overt in 2002.

Most likely these are standard controls over anyone who gets too far outside the reality thats created for people to live in specifically “escaped” Survivors of programming.


~ by onmc on March 21, 2016.

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