Hand Signals Being Used As Cues On Possibly Mind Controlled Sandy Hook Victim Witness

This is a very good example of what I’ve termed TACTICAL GESTURING is about.

Here its being done to guide this little girl’s story with cues but this resembles the daily harassment that many Targets have to deal with from multiple perpetrators.

In the context of gang stalking or being a Targeted Individual the Target is SENSITIZED to certain cues using HAND SIGNALS or GESTURING in a similar manner as in the video. Just like in the vid, hand gesturing is used to communicate covertly.

With this child its used to guide her in remembering her story because obviously its falsified. But with a TI its used as constant intimidation, brainwashing and a means of control by communicating that each person the TI interacts with is a perpetrator of the stalking and harassment system or system of mind control that seeks to keep Targets- especially Survivors, under control.

When a TI is finally caught or trapped into being sensitized to one of these gestures or multiple ones the perps run with that and its a set of conditions that seem impossible to break out of. Understanding how it works is probably the best defense and adapting accordingly. Then forming mental, emotional and spiritual defenses.

In a way its also intimidation of this child but since she is brainwashed and part of The Cult if you will, she doesn’t really understand that.

Its nice to see a vid that captures this so people can really see what goes on. Now imagine having to deal with a phase of your psych warfare campaign as a Target where 90% of the people you talk to in an area ALL DO THE SAME GESTURE upon seeing you coming towards them and you cant have ONE normal conversation that does not include someone doing a specific hand signal or gesture.

Great way to try to drive someone crazy or isolate them completely while you try to do so.

This vid clearly shows the child is being manipulated and the adults who are supposedly parents are handlers.
I know what this kid is feeling to a point.

If this child ever grows up and tries to break free of control, get away from her mind controlling bio family or is an expendable who beats suicide programming, she WILL be targeted.

Which is why I live in squalor and write these blogs.


~ by onmc on March 24, 2016.