Creepy Clown Phenomena

Ok so for those of us who are Survivors of ritual abuse this is sort of passé. Many of us have always hated clowns for reasons not consciously known to us.

Some of the pedophilia involved in our RA cases may have gone on at a circus setting or sickos may have dressed up like clowns when we were young children for abuse or rituals.

A lot of us hate clowns because they are hiding. We can’t see who they are, the mask hides the identity of the person as well as they represent deception, which has ruled our lives always.
So for us this subject matter is both annoying, tiresome and comical.

RA survivors often have a dark sense of humor. This is partially from having dealt with severely traumatic or brutal events while very young and it may just be part of our nature.

The idea of people dressed as clowns going around spooking people is laughable to Survivors but we also understand the psychological terror value. It’s easy to deduct it’s by design perhaps for a social experiment or just one more campaign to add to societal chaos. To reinforce the darkness that’s so prevalent out there now.

To anyone who knows how to defend themselves this ‘problem’ is also laughable but remember people nowadays depend largely on the surveillance society and police state or cell phones. Kids in recent generations are raised like virtual prisoners compared to Gen X where we had to take care of ourselves and made a lot of our own decisions. We also had parents that told us to fight in a conflict-the good old fashioned American way but today it seems people are taught to be peaceable and avoid conflict-domestically anyway. A cop once described this to me and my friend as ‘the pussification of America’ and I agreed.

Fighting back wisely is always key. Threat assessment firstly.

If clowns are armed, the outfit and mask are no longer the issue, its physical danger.
However, the clown in the video outside on someones porch punching a pumpkin and being a retard generally is pretty easily remedied.

These people are basically idiots and they’re boring. Survivors have the benefit of having dealt with genuinely dangerous, extremely scary predators, pedophiles, sadistic brutes and black magick always involves control and psychological warfare components.

The public however can easily be sold this crap campaign because they aren’t used to being terrorized and freaked out on purpose.

My work has always been about awareness and info distribution. I refuse to become a Christian to solve the problems I have due to the conditions I was born into. I feel if the public are aware of whats really out there and how things work then they can make better informed decisions.
If they still want to accept what the garbage machine puts in front of them for life and culture in this society then the decision is theirs, and its an informed one.
I also dont see the logic in her 33 theory but it could have merit. And her Christian perspective is her business and her choice.

Im sure many Survivors would agree this is one of the more retarded attempts to scare the public that’s come out. I’m sure this crap doesn’t happen down south as often or other areas where these jesters will find themselves immediately staring down a barrel of a weapon.

Attacking kids always scares people partially because they are parents but they also feel like anyone willing to hurt kids must be truly dangerous and crazy.
Not really-just calculating, ruthless and with a policy of getting results at any cost.

Kind of like war zones overseas. Funny how similar these domestic campaigns are to our war campaigns overseas.

I lean more towards her theory of a psy op. Some of the beat downs of Creepy Clowns caught could be set ups-both parties are acting.

It could be to incite violence or hatred towards ANYTHING that looks mysterious or out of place or unusual.

I find the male reaction to be interesting-males seem to immidiately assess the clown as a threat and beat it up. I think women might be scared and call for help, panic and do something rash like drive right over the clown in panic or maybe stay calm and assess the situation and arm ourselves with a weapon and attempt to drive around the thing, avoid conflict THEN call authorities.

What I notice about times we live in is that things we could trust long ago are now put forth as threatening. To cause distrust.

Why would Creepy Clowns put themselves in a position where they are alone armed with a weapon and wandering at night, where people will see them, feel threwtened and attack them? If they were so intent on causing harm or committing crimes why would certain ones make themselves vulnerable as in these ‘beat down’ videos??

It wouldnt make any sense.


~ by onmc on October 15, 2016.

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