Example Of Internal MC Programming (Ariana Grande: No Tears Left To Cry)

This is a video I’ve seen in a semi public space frequently lately. It caught my attention of course because it is visually pleasing and her voice is good. Being an older woman who was myself very attractive as a young woman naturally I relate to any other beautiful youths. So much power yet so clueless.
I was saddened to notice that there seemed to be multiple mind control programming visuals of internal programming as person who is programmed would relate to or even experience internally. Symbolism and structures.

The video is lighted but dark causing illumination. This is considered a sign of a state of illumination. The catch all phrase for those who are behind the alleged shadow system that truly controls the civilized human world ‘The Illuminati’ comes from the concept of they being illuminated or experiencing enlightenment or the light bearer Lucifer.

Black and White colors-
Another ‘Illuminati’ or Masonic symbolism.

Upside down, moving structures-
The singer exists in an upside down, topsy turvy world that’s disorienting thus maintaining control over the person experiencing this internal world (or watching the video).

Spider webs-
The lighted or illuminated webbing she’s stuck in like a fly in a spider web is common in internal programming symbolism.

Long hallways-
Another Masonic or ‘Illuminati’ symbol. This also represents eternity as in the math sequence 33.3333 ad infinitum or on going into infinity. This is also associated with Masonry and building structures. All programming is just math and deception.

Confusing, disorienting to the programmed person but also represents their shattered internal self splintered into Alters.
Mirrors are used to trap or keep a person trapped in programming as most of these symbols and structures are. Our surveillance society is now full of cameras which are mirrors and reflections of us and our surroundings relfected back at us thus ‘trapping’ our consciousness-and our spirits.
The old saying about Savage primitive peoples not wanting their photos taken because they believed it stole their souls may actually have some wisdom to it.
Echoing voices may also be akin to mirrors but using sound symbolism instead of pictures.

The singer sits in a room with her writing considering her various tasks she wears throughout life at this point (we may create others in later years and discard old ones). For average people this simply represents the different roles they may play in life such as work vs parent vs friend or spouse.
For programmed people these represent Alter Personalities. Actual contrived or created characters if you will that can be rotated and utilized for different tasks. Once an Alter becomes obsolete or no longer functions effeciently, especially if there’s any risk to internal systems or the True Self, the internal programming system (Luciferian programming system) will destroy that Alter much akin to murdering a person who threatens an entire system. Assassinations of political figures are akin to this action. Picture a mathematically perfect pyramid structure where every brick must be in order to maintain the structure. This is what the internal system must maintain or so it believes- until the programmed person ‘wakes up’ or can become free of programming, somehow.

Dancers using umbrellas to create code or movement representing math-
The orchestrated movements of the dancers seem to create a language or code. An example is what airports use to communicate with airplanes through flags as symbols creating language.

Risky and careless behavior of singer-
Encouraging risk taking, self destruction, suicidal behavior by hanging on dangerous structures. Displaying no fear in the face of physical danger, disregarding safety.

The sadness of the singers voice-
What struck me the most was how sad this is. How done and desperate the singer sounds of course to work off of the programmed persons sorrow which programmed people have a huge reserve of almost like a fuel tank. The singer taps into human sorrow, saying she has no more tears left to cry, then of course takes the listener to a happier place saying to live, turn it up and that they are vibin. This makes it all better.
However when a person becomes free of programming one realizes that such a sorrowful state was never necessary to begin with.
The programmers and those who create media make sure a programmed person never escapes painful and sorrowful circumstances to ensure the slave remains under control.

The lyrics as commands-
“Shut your mouth”.
What sounds like haughty words from a beautiful attractive young woman may be a straight message to a programmed person and may be very damaging.

A state of mind the singer wants to be in all the time. An altered state of consciousness.
“Another mentality”.

Sex kitten programming-
This is definitely a vid that contains ‘sex kitten’ programming symbols and behaviors. There are specific jobs and tasks that certain programmed people will be used for and perform with this programming. Sadly many are ‘expendables’ and will out live their usefulness at around 29 when the first tiny signs of imperfection begin to show physically. Most will die by 33 if not sooner unless they find their way ‘out of the maze’ of internal programming. Many die in their mid 20s and it’s amazing they live until 30 even with the internal loads of pain and suffering and mental torment year after year.

Sexual symbolism-
Lips glossed up and split mirror images.
If you watch the reverse vid her meeting up with the dancers on the building and grabbing herself suggestively suggests sex with multiple makes (the dancers). This isn’t so clear in the forward version.

This is the lyrics with music:

This is a vid of the original in reverse posted by a YouTuber.

If you know what to look for you can see many of the tricks revealed and even be released from the hypnotic suggestion’s controls that the forward running version creates.
Note at the begining of this vid (thus the END of the original) the bird seems to turn into a fox in the grass but forward running that would be a fox trying to capture a bird and it escapes and flys away.
If you work with backwards speech and can find anything significant write my email and tell me your results. I did not analyze the vid for that being a painter I am visual and don’t specialize in audient abilities (but do have a mild ability). If you are audient perhaps studying subliminals and programming content in media may be interesting for you. There’s a website where one can listen to many examples of backwards speech found in media and political content.

Nowadays with technology and media being so realistic and able to emulate or create reality it’s as if what used to be experienced as internal worlds in the human mind can be easily created in the outer world or this plane of reality for viewing. As usual privacy is lacking and voyerism is encouraged which is also part of the control of globalism and the surveillance society.

Young people who are influenced by this and other media need to realize it’s an artwork-a deception. It isn’t real. When you have internal programming it’s not that easy. One just can’t go outside to escape the false environment created within that one is forced to exist in since infancy or early childhood. Only after getting out of the maze, in hindsight can one see just how weak and manufactured these worlds really are. And how a lifetime is wasted in being kept prisoner in them as a very beautiful and very unhappy young woman or man.


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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.