I survivor of what is known as trauma based mind control. It seems to have been high level programming.  There are two major parts to the programming one being stronger than the other.

As I started to age, due to what I believe was brain damage from neurotoxin exposure as  or it could have just been my due date( I was in my early 30’s) my compartments started to leak and I started to remember things. No therapist was involved in these events. My programming always got around therapists with things like flooding and blocking. Also therapists and psychologists were readily never doing thier jobs and if anyone should know about mind control its them..however I never got a diagnoses of any mental disorder and I was seeing one woman for 8 years or so. If I was delusional dont you think she would have noticed?

I experienced three layers of suicide programming that I had to fight internally to stay alive. These were post hypnotic suggestions that were 30 plus years old.  Two of them were rather simple but effective and one was bizarre and quite complicated.
My survival through this time is soley due to people over the years giving me certain books to read and me being drawn to pertinent  info on the internet. I do not read other survivors stories as I want to not be influenced as of yet by outside info.

During this time I became what is known as an organized stalking target. There was always some of this type of activity throughout my life but as of 1996 it became overt with frequency and tactics being used but only at certain locations or domiciles. As of 2003 the stalking and harassment became 24/7, the worst being 2005-2008 where Obama coming in made these acitivities gear down to a slower pace and not so violent and overt in nature.
There has been what seems to be human experimentation involved as well as what one could only logically assume UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES is targeting with certain technologies that are documented/patented.

I find it curious that my mother is a documented radiation experimentee in infancy, with both parents in the US Marines, who as she prepared to participate in the Presidents National Advisory Committee on Radiation Experiments around ’95/96, dropped her claims in the class action lawsuit because she claims she was followed around and basically intimidated.  This is the Bethesda Naval hospital-the infamous ‘MK Ultra hospital’ where so many murders and suicides are connected to this subject matter.
My mother is no longer the person I recall and she could never come out of being compartmentalized as I wished to. Her family is controlling and a typical dysfunctional family by definition.

My father has been supposedly labeled due to what could be ‘gang stalking stress’  but he was a user of LSD and I suspect that this along with constant harassment perhaps cost him his sanity. I believe his claims of something going on with my mother and her family connected to the CIA/Military got him labeled-at least messed with for those claims..I assume he is targeted. But from the previous info I just stated- how exactly is he wrong? (also take into account that this story comes from his family, I have never seen any documentation of his mental health status nor was I allowed to meet him. Additionally IF this story is indeed true just how did he get this info to begin with? It could be very likely that my mother may have slipped as she is compartmentalized and says prophetic or revealing things and later when confronted with the info cannot recall saying it. It could also be it was leaked to him by some source.)
A claim like this sounds ‘insane’ until one drags out documentation and puts all the research together. And my dad’s family are way too eager to write him off, I dont know them very well and there is much mystery around where I come from. There is certainly not enough info disclosed to explain away all that has happened. My mother was always mysterious about her youth and I am personally tired of having my time wasted with family secrets and other such time wasting drama.

We are coming into an era where non lethal weapons are making the public have to realize that these capabilities do exist as well as the internet having plentiful info about MK Ultra and other human experimentation.

I believe that a federal investigation around a friend of a friend and also all my associates and some family members at that time all having criminal activities to account for were used as an excuse to target me in 2003 and most likely all the power afforded authorities during the war. It has been said on the internet that survivors like me often get forced into frame ups and ratting so that when the person is killed or shunned then it gets rid of another survivor under a cover up.
Luckily I knew little of what was going on around me and was very internally focused on the strange and frightening occurences of suicide programming and recall of memories. I stuck to this as the main truth while all around me all sorts of tactics, set ups and deception was used to trap me, constantly intimate or suggest I get labeled, the whole treatment that survivors get. I have embarrassing info on important people that I can actually prove and I played  those cards to stop the harassment whenever I could but refused to turn informant becuz I could tell it was very suspect…why would the feds use such methods? I wanted to see a damn subpeaona and without one everyone can go straight to hell. Besides, as I hit the road memories were coming up and it was traumatic. One of the things I will always hold the system accountalbe for was that during a time I needed some guidance through this, they made sure I could not get help..purely to cover up the truth.  Also everyone who was a career criminal or a perp got rewarded with good gigs, non exposure or grants, etc while I was driven into being destitute. This was the most obvious red flag that something was off about all this.

I have been driven into homelessness due to the harassment. I ignore all around me with taunts of crazy or other diversions from the main subject matter. These people are either dis informed, perps or ignorant. All that matter is the information.  Now with a few blogs I get harassed less and the only things I have heard in places like Boston, where they stubbornly insist on still trying to win this game,  women in shelters can be heard to say things like ” She sure knows how to lie”. Good ol Boston, they need to not look like they ever lose a victim of their ‘crime as part of the system’ set up there. 

I write, this is all I do. I exist soley on the internet, while everyone I have known has moved on and left me for dead in the ditch.  Payment is due.


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