Ted Kaczynski and CIA Funded Mind Control at Harvard University

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The Unibomber’s brother writes about his experience throughout the years that led Ted down his path to destruction.


Johnny Cash, Joseph Stalin, & The Great Morse Code Crack

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What Ever Happened To The TV Channels We Used To Watch? VHF and UHF

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Was Official Historical Version Of Hitler’s Death Part Of Cover For Project Paperclip?

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Creepy Clown Phenomena

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Ok so for those of us who are Survivors of ritual abuse this is sort of passé. Many of us have always hated clowns for reasons not consciously known to us.

Some of the pedophilia involved in our RA cases may have gone on at a circus setting or sickos may have dressed up like clowns when we were young children for abuse or rituals.

A lot of us hate clowns because they are hiding. We can’t see who they are, the mask hides the identity of the person as well as they represent deception, which has ruled our lives always.
So for us this subject matter is both annoying, tiresome and comical.

RA survivors often have a dark sense of humor. This is partially from having dealt with severely traumatic or brutal events while very young and it may just be part of our nature.

The idea of people dressed as clowns going around spooking people is laughable to Survivors but we also understand the psychological terror value. It’s easy to deduct it’s by design perhaps for a social experiment or just one more campaign to add to societal chaos. To reinforce the darkness that’s so prevalent out there now.

To anyone who knows how to defend themselves this ‘problem’ is also laughable but remember people nowadays depend largely on the surveillance society and police state or cell phones. Kids in recent generations are raised like virtual prisoners compared to Gen X where we had to take care of ourselves and made a lot of our own decisions. We also had parents that told us to fight in a conflict-the good old fashioned American way but today it seems people are taught to be peaceable and avoid conflict-domestically anyway. A cop once described this to me and my friend as ‘the pussification of America’ and I agreed.

Fighting back wisely is always key. Threat assessment firstly.

If clowns are armed, the outfit and mask are no longer the issue, its physical danger.
However, the clown in the video outside on someones porch punching a pumpkin and being a retard generally is pretty easily remedied.

These people are basically idiots and they’re boring. Survivors have the benefit of having dealt with genuinely dangerous, extremely scary predators, pedophiles, sadistic brutes and black magick always involves control and psychological warfare components.

The public however can easily be sold this crap campaign because they aren’t used to being terrorized and freaked out on purpose.

My work has always been about awareness and info distribution. I refuse to become a Christian to solve the problems I have due to the conditions I was born into. I feel if the public are aware of whats really out there and how things work then they can make better informed decisions.
If they still want to accept what the garbage machine puts in front of them for life and culture in this society then the decision is theirs, and its an informed one.
I also dont see the logic in her 33 theory but it could have merit. And her Christian perspective is her business and her choice.

Im sure many Survivors would agree this is one of the more retarded attempts to scare the public that’s come out. I’m sure this crap doesn’t happen down south as often or other areas where these jesters will find themselves immediately staring down a barrel of a weapon.

Attacking kids always scares people partially because they are parents but they also feel like anyone willing to hurt kids must be truly dangerous and crazy.
Not really-just calculating, ruthless and with a policy of getting results at any cost.

Kind of like war zones overseas. Funny how similar these domestic campaigns are to our war campaigns overseas.

I lean more towards her theory of a psy op. Some of the beat downs of Creepy Clowns caught could be set ups-both parties are acting.

It could be to incite violence or hatred towards ANYTHING that looks mysterious or out of place or unusual.

I find the male reaction to be interesting-males seem to immidiately assess the clown as a threat and beat it up. I think women might be scared and call for help, panic and do something rash like drive right over the clown in panic or maybe stay calm and assess the situation and arm ourselves with a weapon and attempt to drive around the thing, avoid conflict THEN call authorities.

What I notice about times we live in is that things we could trust long ago are now put forth as threatening. To cause distrust.

Why would Creepy Clowns put themselves in a position where they are alone armed with a weapon and wandering at night, where people will see them, feel threwtened and attack them? If they were so intent on causing harm or committing crimes why would certain ones make themselves vulnerable as in these ‘beat down’ videos??

It wouldnt make any sense.

YOU ARE BEING BRAINWASHED Series On Subliminals: Satanic Hand Sign Used On Corn Flakes Box By Olympic Celebrated Gymnast

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I’m am sorry but its in my nature to want to take down and deconstruct and thus expose everything that society holds dear. Why? Because in my life I’ve seen what true evil is and its part of humanity, history and always will be. The solution isn’t trying to block it out and most people are hypocrites who want to be seen as ‘good’ and upstanding citizens yet they indulge in evil every day. They live in denial about the existence of evil and their part in it or in perpetuating it. The key is to raise awareness so that people have a choice. A fair chance. They cannot fight what they cannot see. Much of what comes into our consciousness in western modern culture is done through a Trojan horse sort of mechanism always using symbols which the human mind is very susceptible to. I personally don’t like being manipulated as most of my life has consisted of just that.

I was never given a chance at a good life so I want others to have that chance. Ive stayed alive and perhaps healed and became an activist. ITs a joke that most people believe my life is awful and I live terribly because I am poor or have no home to live in. They don’t understand that for whatever reason I’ve been spared much of the horrors of what other people have been subjected to. There are reasons for this and I wont get into it but I simply believe that if you claim to be good or want to be fair and just then you should do so not live in denial as a hypocrite and then scapegoat people like me in your community that are doing something.

Sorry that people hold the Olympics so dear, so I guess nothing gives me greater pleasure than to destroy that-because the blind patriotism behind it is bs as well as the obsession with people doing greater things than ourselves. I do great things every day. Plenty of people do. This hero-worship crap with the Olympics as well as shows like Idol or Who’s Got a Voice or whatever the nonsense is not only makes me uncomfortable but is obviously indicative of a society that would rather exist as a herd that puts others above them due to fake status than whats truly going on in reality.

Heroes historically are for you to learn from, emulate or compete with. The old mythology stories weren’t just tales-royalty and other people in society that were expected to be responsible for that society and its people would learn from these tales how to rule properly or fight more efficiently in battles of all different kinds. You aren’t just supposed to oooh and aww at people doing something seemingly impressive. You are supposed to become part of it if not challenge to surpass it.

I don’t understand allowing sports teams to represent your enthusiasms or drive in life or cheering on heroes-people you dont even know that supposedly ‘represent’ you in some competition. I see people drooling in front of the flat screens now watching the Olympic games, then of course the corporate culture has to sell you things to buy in between.

At a laundromat I sat and watched some sprinting. Perhaps it is because I am part Roman and I understand the meaning of sport or these ancient games a bit more intimately instinctively. I don’t know. I do know that I was only fascinated, tamed and soothed by the connection I made to the runners themselves. Forget what country, forget all that is put in front of you to see. All I saw were beautiful male bodies in motion-the art of the human form. The energy. This is what living is about. Money and materialism only come from the energy we put forth through those bodies.
This is something we don’t concentrate enough on in western culture but…its really all that matters. One of my favorite movies Conan The Barbarian-my uncle who I admired but he rarely had time for me. He would tell me to watch this scene in the movie, this mystery of steel. Doom tells Conan what is steel compared to the hand that wields it? Its taken years to understand this because like everything else I had to live it to solidify the lesson through experience.

The hand signals of the Horns being put forth by the athlete on the cereal box is in itself not meaningful. Its meant to cheapen the experience and to freak people out like me who see this sort of stuff and expose it. Mostly its a psychological tactic and on a subliminal level it probably does have some influence on the public. I don’t mind Satanic content. I just hate it when people pretend to represent something wholesome and good and an American institution and are hiding behind that.


If people claim to want to keep evil out of their lives then if its shown to them they can do so..or not. It’s all up to them.

So this makes me feel a lot better about the idiots standing in front of tv screens then watching ads for crap right afterwards, the entire process cheapening the magic of being human and the power of the human form and the energy that drives us.

The breakfast of champions doesn’t come in a box. You’re buying a lie.

And of course racism is being induced by focusing on African-American female athletes to the exclusion of anyone else and that’s something that’s been very prominent in the second admin of Obama. It’s also a psych operation it seems. It’s just a divide and conquer tactic. Anything to break down society right now.

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Hand Signals Being Used As Cues On Possibly Mind Controlled Sandy Hook Victim Witness

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This is a very good example of what I’ve termed TACTICAL GESTURING is about.

Here its being done to guide this little girl’s story with cues but this resembles the daily harassment that many Targets have to deal with from multiple perpetrators.

In the context of gang stalking or being a Targeted Individual the Target is SENSITIZED to certain cues using HAND SIGNALS or GESTURING in a similar manner as in the video. Just like in the vid, hand gesturing is used to communicate covertly.

With this child its used to guide her in remembering her story because obviously its falsified. But with a TI its used as constant intimidation, brainwashing and a means of control by communicating that each person the TI interacts with is a perpetrator of the stalking and harassment system or system of mind control that seeks to keep Targets- especially Survivors, under control.

When a TI is finally caught or trapped into being sensitized to one of these gestures or multiple ones the perps run with that and its a set of conditions that seem impossible to break out of. Understanding how it works is probably the best defense and adapting accordingly. Then forming mental, emotional and spiritual defenses.

In a way its also intimidation of this child but since she is brainwashed and part of The Cult if you will, she doesn’t really understand that.

Its nice to see a vid that captures this so people can really see what goes on. Now imagine having to deal with a phase of your psych warfare campaign as a Target where 90% of the people you talk to in an area ALL DO THE SAME GESTURE upon seeing you coming towards them and you cant have ONE normal conversation that does not include someone doing a specific hand signal or gesture.

Great way to try to drive someone crazy or isolate them completely while you try to do so.

This vid clearly shows the child is being manipulated and the adults who are supposedly parents are handlers.
I know what this kid is feeling to a point.

If this child ever grows up and tries to break free of control, get away from her mind controlling bio family or is an expendable who beats suicide programming, she WILL be targeted.

Which is why I live in squalor and write these blogs.