The Judeo-Christian-Satanic Psy Ops Prison

(I know this is an old interview)

This is ridiculous. These guys shouldnt even be entertaining this at all to begin with. A Christian tv show should be held in all suspicion for even promoting anything by a Satanist or considering it. The interview was a total mess. It was worse than Haroldo. The fact that Tammy and Jim knew nothing about the Satanic Bible is also unbelievable.

I dont trust either of these two. It seems like they are all cons…I deserately want to believe that Zeena is just naive about the connection to the military at least but I know thats impossible. Unless she is programmed which is quite possible.

Joan Rivers had her sister Karla LaVey on but I dont trust Rivers because her attitude is going to be not ‘a friend of the devil is a friend of mine’ but any Jew is a fellow Jew. I love Tammy wearing bright red and Joan Rivers wearing red and black.

(If you think my comment was anti Semitic, you dont know the entertainment business..and you are NOT from the North East either.Not every Jew is a Zionist nor an elitist yet they do exist. Grow up.. as Joan would say.)

On the simplest levels there may not be a Satanic underground but there certainly IS a Lt Col who was a high level psy ops officer involved and there is definately something up with the military and such ideologies.

The most laughable part of the COS claims is that they are really trying to deny the existence of evil in the world as tied to atrocities as well as the concept of an evil entity or ‘devil’ which is symbolic of such forces. YET THEY EXIST!

Its so hard to have me doing any activism I can imagine because for one, I never had a therapist so the critics cant claim it was Recovered Memory Syndrome and I am not a Christian. It really screws up this game they seem to play for the public where they play off each other. Sometimes it seems that they all have a good laugh when the cameras are off. Its really aggravating.

The best policy for both sides is to make anyone who isnt on at least ONE of thier sides, who is looking for truth or at least facts- is to make that person look nuts from the get go, to discredit them.

Its no surprise after seeing how much corruption there is in both sects that I would be chased and harassed as hard as possible for so long, keeping me in abject poverty. What if a book came out that WASNT from a Christian? Someone who listens to all kinds of music, who is willing to consider all sides and do research that isnt Christian based nor Satanic based?

Its a real problem for both of these sects. I think they are most afraid of people finding alternatives to THIER Judeo-Christian Abrahamic nonsense religions and thier reactionary counter parts. Imagine if teenagers were introduced to Hermeticism or some other ancient religious systems, devoid of Abrahamic enslavement to sexism, monotheism and of course- having to worship religious systems from the Middle East when most of us are NOT MIDDLE EASTERN. How tired or we of this? Even WICCA has become a problem. After doing enough research and running into Gardner then the Crowley association once again what can you believe?

What you find repeatedly is most of these religious groups and thier ‘alternatives’ have connections to intelligence agencies- Crowley specifically. And guess what? Satanism and yes, mysticism (gasp!) existed before Crowley. (Gosh, really…NO WAYYY!).

Yes people. There is a whole world out there of history of man before the rock stars of the occult. Its called facts or at least historical fact which isnt always truth but an official line. I envy actual acedemic historians who have access and know how to be able to study credible alternative history, where perhaps with enough digging and putting pieces together, truth can be found.

The truth is probably more common and boring than we would like thus the circuses people seem to desire as opposed to truth.

That man, if given the chance, will use forces available to him to dominate or enslave other men. That ‘evil’ exists in the world..oh and that Christianity isnt the cure for evil, that its not a final solution. In fact any religion cant be trusted because wherever MAN exists there will always be the abuse of power.

There are simply people who refuse to go along with certain kinds of human dominance game because of something in thier Nature as well as perhaps life experiences. These arent necessarily Christians..what were they called before Christianity was invented?

This sense of justice should not be degraded (and of course thus controlled) with a cult like religion. Christ seems to represent different elements of humanity to different people depending on thier specific strain of Christianity, location, culture etc.

Are we not to believe in the Titans of old mythology or heroes?
Even what little I have read about ancient Egypt seems to say that Pharoahs were held to standards as rulers and if those standards were not kept up then Pharaoh would have Ma’at to deal with. That Seth represented dark forces, destructive ones and the only time he did not act out of caution was when Isis was in charge.

These shows of nonsense targeting an uneducated public are what is suspect. I am uneducated and dirt poor and I have been doing research since I was 14 just by reading and now the internet. Whats so striking about the Bush era is how desperate certain parties were to ensure someone like me never got an education. I will never forget one little piece of information dropped to me: “They hate the smart ones”. (Sigh, if only one day we can all finally have “They” identified.)

Reducing the ‘alternatives’ to Judeo Christianity to just Satanism, and a strain like Judeo-Satanism (sorry I just couldnt resist)….ok ok. I will leave it be that LaVey came from Hungarian Jews..but its important. I often wonder if this Russian infiltration via Jewish immigrants into Hollywood- relating to the communism paranoia during the previous era of the 50’s, isnt related more to an intel operation to destroy the country than anything to do with Satanism. I always thought it amusing that LaVey chose to look as much like Lenin as possible, since when has Satan or any of his reps ever insisted that such a look as his was what Satan looked like historically? What is so annoying is that NOW every wanna be…and ugh. There are so many out there now that Satanism is pop culture and socially acceptable to the masses, sports this look. That took what- 40 some odd years to hijack an age old entity, folklore and biblical- and turn his image into a marketable look and symbol? Its almost like they actually dumbed down Satanism and defined it. One would think LaVey himself invented Satanism the way its portrayed and anyone who fancies themselves a smart ass will mention Crowley as a predecessor.

It seems to me with all the circus bs and now the public running around doing the horns at every turn, the purpose is really to deny the existence of truly organized very sinister evil.

And someone like me saying it does exist and its really expensive- most likely tax payer dollars connected to state actors is a big problem. Especially as I am not a Christian. So its the nut job label for me then. Works for them all I guess.
Because the greatest fear of exposure any of these acts have is for someone smart and out for vengence to actually inform the public simply that this is all cult mind control games. These are cons- to confuse, smoke screen and to entertain an uneducated mass.


Its frustrating to have Satanists I actually like going into defense mode when I explain that there are harmful Satanic sects mostly connected to elite power structures. They, laughably, are exactly like Christians that deny any corruption in thier own churches, the ones I have dealt with to this point. They dont want to hear about misuse of power, corruption. Yet they should understand moreso than anyone the open portals for such opportunities.

I have read about RA survivors who get kicked out of thier churches because they are the real deal and Christians cant handle that such things really exist. On all sides in seems most human beings are afraid of POWER. Admitting to the actual existence of it and its abuse. Politically, spiritually, financially- in all sorts of ways.

I think the public, your average person, is not interested nor capable of dealing with power. What is most compelling is that, when a person like myself is comfortable with the idea of power, this system insists on driving me out of my mind by denying me any involvement with power. And they know damn well that a person geared towards handling power is going to grow frustrated with being surrounded by sheep. Which is exactly what creating a lone shooter is all about. And harassing someone until they snap.

Transforming a Survivor into a helpless victim, crushed with no hopes or dreams, destroying thier chances as worldly power, making them feel powerLESS is a sure way to have someone who is not only used to handling power or dealing in power in difficult situations but with a powerful energy all thier own- into a ticking time bomb.

I notice that no one wants to deal directly with the ‘evil’ done by war mongers and intelligence agencies. Because if any of these factions were being honest they would speak of where evil truly exists in the world at any given time. I notice discussions of worldly affairs and politics NEVER enter into these talks about religious belief.

Both of these systems always struck me as prisons. My attitude was always why would one want to even bother to counter Christiantiy? All you have to do is present some historical facts and deconstruct it. Its very unimportant.

And THAT seems to have been an attitude that got me targeted more than anything rebellious towards Judeo Christian religion. That and having an affinity for Hermetics and systems that didnt even consider Abrahamic religions.

This explains why this system pushes a TI so hard to choose between Satanism and Christianity. Why one is ripped from truly alternative belief systems and why one is harassed by what seems first like Satanists then by Christians.

Psy ops is not religious. Its an art form unto itself. I dont even think psy ops operatives are capable in believing in anything other than the loop holes within the human mind. Perhaps they only believe in BELIEF being used to manipulate people.


~ by onmc on August 20, 2011.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.