WIRED-Military Investigates Amnesia Beams


Its possible they are either utilizing something like this now in the environment or drugs are being used, put into the environment by chem trails or some other delivery system. There has been proven the invention of drugs that will ‘soften’ soldiers’ memories to treat PTSD.

I’ve noted a marked difference in the way I’m perceiving memories. Its as if I can no longer be angry or harbor resentment against those who have wronged me all the way back to childhood memories which until recently were simply kept from me by some method that seemed like technologically controlling what memories were allowed to be recalled by me. Usually, in a very controlled state I get shown memories that the system wants me to recall and I forget simple things or things I should by rights remember. A normal daily experience with my own consciousness flowing normally as a human’s should has been non existent. Its been hellish.

Now, anything that comes up is ‘softened’ by some effect that’s being put forth here in this area. I have more of a flow of consciousness now, of memories but when I do recall something that should cause anger or hurt or resentment its softened. Its forced forgiveness and its obviously in the interest of wrapping up their decade long conflict domestically and abroad as well as for the purposes of demotivating someone like me from further activism.

Its purpose is to demotivate. The things they are asking me to become peaceable about are ridiculous. Things I should have a right to be angry about.

Its forced peace and forced forgiveness. Nothing humans do or feel is natural anymore. Its a totally psycho-civilized society.

My experience may be more detailed, easily controlled by the system due to the high possibility of my being chipped. There are experiences I’ve had which attest to this.
One of which was early on a neurologist examined one of my X-Rays as I was having headaches in that moldy apartment I had being heavily targeted but also was curious about a white little spot that showed up on the X-Ray which was very near the middle of my brain or close to it. He gave me the most obvious brush off answers as a medical doctor or specialist (“well it seems like you are doing all the right things, like quitting drinking coffee..aha, ha. [nervously]”) while backing away from me physically in his office. As in I was sitting and he just kept backing away-from me and the revealing X-Ray.
(Laughably, some of my X-Rays actually came out obviously of other people because the facial features were not mine. Its one of the sick joke-like tactics that Perps use in the beginning when you are still credible, young and healthy and smart enough to ask questions and probably get answers. At this point in handling a wayward experimentee, the system has to get in your way by extreme means, in ways they wont be detected. They shock the Target by doing things that skew reality, things they are not supposed to be able to do or have access to do. Like replace your X-Rays with that of other people. I’ve always been curious as to what the ones they replaced looked like.)

I was in a hotel room in Burlington, MA trying to rest years ago. I don’t know what the hell is in Burlington but someone had the ability to attempt to burn out my mind via what I believe was that little chip in that X-Ray. I would have mistook it for being dosed with a psychedelic substance as I probably was in that hostel in St Louis (by a sought after botanist and chemist who, after visiting there for a month or so suddenly left to go to South America as he had received very hard to get grant money for a project.) which was a very heavy dosing, meant to break the mind not the usual doses of ‘lite’ psychedelics which I would get dosed with by people using spray bottles around Boston (Kenmore, BU library- right in any public space). Those lite psychedelics seemed to be for the purpose of making the mind control technologies more effective at least that is what I experienced from it.
The few heavy dosings I received as a Target post 9-11 were intended as an attack such as to destroy an enemy. I got dosed once at Rainbow (probably DMT) by someone who obviously was from a camp of rich kids in on gang stalking and these projects (and as usual also pot dealing), then again at the hostel in St Louis I suspect by that botanist chemist researcher. (Please note that the only reason I handled any of this at all was that I was surrounded growing up by people from the 1960’s counter culture who tried to teach Gen X about drug use, trips etc and a lot of that sub culture required reading about native cultures using psychedelics. I was also a former drug user not of hallucinogens usually but experience helped. Much of my generation wasn’t raised with the internet or cable tv. We are more familiar with being part of Nature and our own minds, without any interference from technologies and I believe my age and gender helped also.) http://www.bluelight.org/vb/threads/730729-(DMT-120mg)-First-Time-Trip-to-Hell-itself

 This dosing of Targets is only a fraction of what is done to attempt to either make the person crazy or burn them out so they are easily modified by technologies now used in the environment for mass mind control. Its also I suspect a component of creating lone shooters. Lesions in the brain have been documented to cause violent behavior.
For anyone who has dealt with this system you have all seen the casualties that THEY have working for them, in shelters and on the street. These people are so obviously tortured and brain damaged into being part of this system. (They are very clever about psych warfare. When I was young, attractive and healthy they sent the scariest, damaged people to harass me, now they send the prettiest, youngest and most perfect people as I am now damaged and old.) One of THE saddest things you will ever experience is seeing these poor creatures. Its like a true to life visit to the Island of Dr Moroe or some mad scientist. Even the people who seem like they have a lot of power in the gang stalking system when you deal with them in a perp group, the leaders, are extremely damaged, inhuman people. The worst career criminals I’ve dealt with or seen as a child in Boston were nothing compared to the people in this system. Its like they aren’t even human as a normal American would define it.

When one gets ‘dosed’ or covertly delivered a drug, specifically a mind altering drug such as a psychedelic, the entire human mind has to deal with being poisoned by the drug and its effects altering the perception. Unlike that experience, what occurred in this hotel room was more akin to my experiencing only a very specific part of my brain being effected or rather, what I was experiencing was coming from a very specific part of my brain. It wasn’t natural (brain tissue and plant derived psychedelics even synthetic ones behave ‘naturally’ or in an organic way)-this was mechanical. It was far too localized for it to be from my own mind or a drugging of the brain.

In that hotel room I experienced as if a push of images through a localized area of my brain. The speed of this delivery of images was so fast it seemed to me that the purpose was to burn my mind out. It was totally unnatural. It was not mechanized but you could tell it was the results of technologies. Especially as it was coming from a very localized area of the brain namely the top center-right where that chip was shown to be located on that X-Ray.

I simply just went through this the way that I had to live through everything else that happened. It was probably one of the most difficult things that happened, due to it being very brutal because it was unnatural to the human brain in the first place. Imagine if someone put a machine inside your flesh and it began functioning very quickly and you could feel its motion, causing you some pain.

There is a reason that people cant feel their internal organs unless those organs or being damaged and then pain is needed to tell you something is wrong and you need medical attention. If we could see and feel our organs functioning we would not be able to focus on the outside world.

There is nothing in this natural existence I know of that would cause a human mind to experience perceiving images in such a mechanized way and from a specifically localized area of the brain. It’s a chip and that’s the only thing that makes sense and that chip was being fed information at an accelerated rate  in an attempt to burn either it out or the brain it is in.

This is a common tactic when computer programmers used to have to destroy computers or break them down. My uncle who lives near Lincoln Labs in MA used to deal marijuana to people who went to MIT and worked with computers back in the 80s. They described to him the process of having to destroy computers by doing things like this or giving them problems they couldn’t solve etc.

With torture being so common in the Bush/Obama years it may have simply been for that purpose.  If I recall correctly it occurred once or twice and it was only in that location during a short time frame. I used to stay at the Extended Stay in Burlington MA. Though this hotel chain was my favorite due to the then low prices through hotel deal sites I never learned my lesson and was gang stalked in every Extended Stay and affiliates across the United States. Everything from maids coming in to clean early (common in hostels also) to actual door slamming and other methods of noise campaigns. If only I had the technology back then and the quickness to document I do now.

I always wondered what was in Burlington MA that had those capabilities. Theres lots of tech and biotech companies in industrial areas around MA.

With my being chipped its going to be easier to manipulate and influence my thoughts and memories than the public who could be influenced by way of chemicals in public and private spaces,  in foods and via technologies effecting the environment. Its also of significance that I have not been out of this area for a year. My experiences always had a very healthy variation due to my traveling. Remaining a moving Target was very beneficial over the years, since I was being prevented from focusing on legal help and defense anyway. I was told that this system kept me ‘on the run’ for years on purpose probably to prevent my exposing what was going on and defending myself.

I suspect if I leave this area this softening of memories will cease replaced by some other effect which usually is very specific to location around the USA. The northeast is the most controlled, manipulated areas in this country. For all its wealth and intellectualism, opportunity and resources there is relatively little freedom here mentally, emotionally and in other ways compared to the rest of the country due largely in part to how managed it is by means of technology, chemical influence and of course psy ops done by plain old humans.

Its probably due to the large amounts of vets here already as well as those now coming home that the environment is now being treated in this way, in order to create peace of course. Yet forced peace isnt freedom or reality or natural because I notice that when they want to invade your life and take away peace and create torture, chaos and warlike conditions they can do that to.

Is this what we are to become in this new century? Just dolls who serve their purposes, to be altered and manipulated to react according to the scheduled events put forth by those in power?


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