Manipulative GE Commercial For MK Kids (Survivors Of Programming, Targeted Individuals)


“Proper care”? You mean like MK Ultra behavior modification? Brain damage, druggings, torture, stalking, marginalization?

This is so obviously in covert reference to targeted people specifically dissidents and activists.

What ‘care’ is GE providing? What the same wonderful program as Raytheon? Hmph.

GE whos old jingle was “we bring good things to life” has provided us with bombs for military warfare and just recently were the builders of the reactor in Japan that faultered knowm as Fukushima which is now bringing radiation to the entire US west coast and Canada. Its real. I have been there. It will have consequences. People are getting sick. Kids are being born with thyroid defects, a tell tail sign of radiation exposure. Its one of the illnessess my mother had documented when she was going to be part of the class action lawsuit and testimony at the PACHRE under Clinton in 95. Before they gang stalked out of her claim. (Allegedly according to her account.)

Another arrogant ad from a military contractor.

Well at least this time it wasnt GEICO. The number one annoying media psy ops adverts throughout this ordeal since Bush and 9-11.
A frickin reptile is their spokesman. Such aholes. Govt Employees Insurance Company.

They are now gloating to be proud of sponsoring the US military in the past war years.

How touching.

A female exec from GE was president of MIT for years I believe her father was also a heavy in the company.

This is the demented sick way they think and its being rubbed in our faces.

Why would any corporation or industry support TIs activism to expose tech, chem and psy ops influence over society? Most industries make money off of that system controlling and manipulating humanity.

Which is why Targets are silenced everyday.


~ by onmc on October 13, 2015.

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