YOU ARE BEING BRAINWASHED Series on Subliminals: Candy Crush Jelly Queen


These ads have recently been posted all over the MBTA stations. Mostly on trains inside with captive audiences.

Candy Crush is a popular and addicting video game. I’ve never played but people that do are all addicted.

Now this poster seems pretty benign right? Just a jelly creature with female attributes. The Jelly Queen.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Actually the Jelly Queen consists of very masculine parts.


On her head is a large penis complete with scrotum. In fact the entire top of the Queen’s head can be perceived as phalluses.

20160218_123004Underneath her is the same shapes. The entire base of the Jelly Queen can be construed as penises.

Heres another poster facing the opposite direction:


The shapes are slightly more pronounced.




And her base:



Her chest seems to be just a characture of an overweight woman’s breasts. Yet it resembles a full male scrotum especially when in relation to the rest of the base of the Jelly Queen:



And her necklace. It seems to symbolize a phallus with testicles.

The local posters have text that says “Take on the Jelly Queen!” or “Are you ready for this Jelly, Boston?”

Uh, I dont think I am.

And to take it further if there are multiple male phalluses present what meaning does ‘Jelly’ and ‘Queen’ take on then?

Jelly is commonly used in anal sex and that would include homosexual sexual practices as ‘queen’ is a common gay culture term.

That brings us back to the Jelly Queen’s jewellery.  If the earrings are taken in with the necklace it could symbolize a male genitalia with female breasts.

Hey I like gays and am all for rights but this would be ridiculous!

In her cellphone screen one could map out the word S E X which is standard for most ads always.




~ by onmc on February 18, 2016.